Estonia’s first Ibis hotel opens its doors in Tallinn, opened June 2019

The opening of TALLINN IBIS CENTRE HOTEL (3*) is much appreciated adding budget friendly hotel on the scene and additional hotel rooms in Tallinn.

Being conveniently located in the city centre, the six-storey hotel includes 190 hotel rooms, two conference rooms, a restaurant and a spacious outer terrace. Each storey of the hotel also features a room with a sauna.

It is the first of its kind in the world with its unique interior design concept. The contents and appearance of the hotel rooms were created on the basis of global feedback from tens of thousands of visitors. The hotel rooms do not have closets and special attention has been paid to soundproofing the rooms and focusing on the comfort of the mattresses, the development of which took into consideration the opinions of over 60 international sleep experts, the hotel said.


Are you a beer lover and want to celebrate your special event in a very cool place!? This place is for you.
Here you can do brewery tour, taste 24 taps of craft beer and use the event room with up to 120 seats.
Best Estonian beer will be paired with Texas BBQ, offering a gastronomic journey for your taste buds.
You will learn about Estonian beer production and Pohjala – one of best Estonian craft beer companies  founded in 2011.

Location: ~ 10 min drive from Old Town


The world’s best photography now in Tallinn!
Fotografiska is an internationally recognised museum of photography with its roots in Stockholm. It is a meeting place for art, good food, music, design, and open mindsets. The concept of the Fotografiska Tallinn Photography Museum includes an exhibition and event area, a café, a restaurant, and a fine-art photography shop.
The event space in Fotografiska Tallinn is open and bright. Suitable for private dinner gatherings, spirited stand up receptions, conferences or seminars, concerts, theaters or movie events. The space's interior and layout allow for creative and diverse experiences.
Space: 250 sq.m.
Restaurant with a roof top terrace. The restaurant works with zero waste mondset, the food is simple and honest with fresh local ingredients.

Location: ~ 10 min drive from Old Town


Demolition derby - a game without rules!
This game has no rules and driving skills are not necessary!
If you need a big adrenaline shot for your wicked event, then this is the offer for you!
The event is organised on a closed territory in Harju County. The track is created so as to prevent drivers from gaining dangerous speeds. An excellent repair team is always in your service to revive the vehicles as much as possible.
The service includes the rental of cars, helmets and the track.
In addition, we can offer regular paintball, motorized paintball, airsoft, and outdoor laser battles.

Location: ~30 min drive from Tallinn


HANZAS PERONS: New Venue in Riga with a Touch of History

Hanzas Perons, a former Riga cargo railway warehouse in New Hanza neighborhood, is now reborn into a modern multi-functional space for culture and art events, concerts, conferences and any corporate events.

Conveniently located in the city centre, within a short drive from the Old Town.

Having a total space of 4,396 sq.m. and public space of 2,800 sq.m., including the large hall for 1,230 sq.m. with up to 1,100 seats.

Large hall has removable walls and can be transformed for each event.

Capacities of large hall:
Concert for up to 1280 guests
Gala dinner with round tables for up to ~600 guests
Conference rooms: seating plan for 350 / 190 / 350 guests

First Hilton Hotel has been opened in Latvia, Opened September 2019

HILTON GARDEN INN RIGA OLD TOWN (4*) just opened its doors, offering its guests bright and modern rooms with views to the historic Old Town. At the moment first 100 guests rooms are available for guests.
Hotel is ideally located in the heart of the Riga Old Town, near the town hall square and Blackheads house.
Modern rooms and suites with mini-fridge, iron/ironing board and laptop-sized safe
Complimentary fitness center
95 sq. m. of meeting and event space with A/V technology and WiFi
Dining at casual steakhouse, Beef Room
Coin laundry
24-hour convenience shop


Under the pavement of Old Riga, in the ancient cellars of the town – surrounded by mysticism and secrecy – there are men, who brew the magic drink.
Anyone, who enters their kingdom, is chosen to experience a breath-taking adventure, to be overtaken by sensuous tastes and to breath in the magical atmosphere!
Unique location and possibility to taste the locally produced drinks in Latvia – wine, spirits, beer!

Special programs for groups!


Experience an adrenaline rush with drift trikes (tricycles) in Riga!
The drift trikes are equipped with an electric engine capable of reaching the maximum power of up to 1000 W, and speeds of up to 50 km/h. They are made right here in Latvia and have been securely tested, ensuring their improved control in drift mode.
Activity does not require any preparation, just the desire to enjoy a more unconventional ride than a car or karting.
At the moment, 10 trikes are available at the hall.
During the warmer months, terraces and BBQ grills are available, as well as an artificial beach.
The instructors will teach you how it is done and assist you whenever necessary, so that you have an unforgettable time!


Driving where the eyes show - mud, swamps, forests, steep mountains, snow - this bike will be all over power! And the best thing is that you won't have to pedal too much yourself! We have prepared the most impressive and adventurous bicycles routes where you will go with instructors.

You would be able to reach speed up to 25 km/h. All-terrain fat bike tires will keep it sturdy and versatile while conquering pavement, sand, dirt or snow.
The power assistance of the motor is adjustable in 5 different levels. With one charge bike will take you up to 90 km distance. These might be very useful extra muscles during riding hills. So, you can spend more time and get much further to explore the wonders of Latvian nature.


First Hilton Hotel has been opened in Lithuania, Opened July 2019

Vilnius will welcome another great addition to the city’s hotel scene - HILTON GARDEN INN VILNIUS CITY CENTRE HOTEL (4*).
The hotel is located in the city center neighboring Lithuanian parliament building, many museums and the newly reconstructed Lukiskiu square and just in 15 minutes walking distance from the Vilnius Old Town. The new 4-star hotel has 164 guest rooms, 3 meeting rooms with total capacity for up to 150 persons, a lobby bar and a summer terrace as well as a casual all-day restaurant serving exclusive quality meat and seasonal local food as well as handcrafted beers and selected beverages embracing the spirit of good steakhouse.


HBO Chernobyl mini series has become a worldwide hit as it tells the story of the 1986 nuclear disaster. But how much of the Chernobyl TV series is fact or fiction? Learn about what was real and fake in the HBO series, visit filming places, KGB prison and more at our guided tour.

Chernobyl was filmed in Vilnius one of the sleeping quarters – Fabijoniškės. This district was built around the period of the actual Chernobyl catastrophe in the late 1980s. During the tour you will visit Fabijoniskes as well as other filming sites and learn about soviet life as well as Chernobyl catastrophe.

There were many gossips why Vilnius was chosen as a stage for the HBO series “Chernobyl”. Definitely some of its parts look like Pripyat, but do you know why? The town of Pripyat (‘peaceful atom’), created in the late sixties to service the plant, was built during few decades as the symbol of a friendship between the soviet nations. Most of the Soviet republics had their town districts built by then. That is why the series were shot in Vilnius quarter Fabijoniskes that served as an example of Pripyat. 60 of the 88 days were spent filming in Lithuania recreating the lives of the people in Soviet era.

The clean-up operation following the Chernobyl accident was the greatest in the history of mankind. Your guide will share the true stories of  liquidators – workers who entered areas designated to help reduce the consequences of the explosion.

One of the most-visited museums in Lithuania is an actual KGB prison and still has its KGB cells and torture chambers intact. The original pieces of furniture where prisoners were held were used in the shooting of the series. We will end our tour at the KGB building, so you will be able to visit it on your own (if preferred)

Length of the tour: ~2.5 h


A whole new experience while visiting Lithuania! You will visit Visaginas – a town located two-hour drive from Vilnius. The day will definitely not be wasted: firstly you will visit the Austaitijos National Park  which is the oldest national park in Lithuania! Afterwards, you will get a 3 hour tour at the Ignalina Nuclear Power Station and learn the history as well as all of the principle insights about it by standing on a reactor, visiting turbine hall and control panel station which looks exactly like Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station used to be in Ukraine. 

Location: ~2 h drive from Vilnius, full day tour


You can't imagine the thrill you can actually get while driving heavy machinery equipment. You will learn how to drive, navigate and use heavy machinery and later on you will take various complicated tasks such as a tough slalom race, hole digging and passing through barriers. This is not only a brand new driving experience that you won't forget, but also an amazing opportunity to try yourself in a whole another manner.

Pro Package:
After learning the driving instructions you will firstly drive a huge excavator through a special obstacle track and later on you will remorselessly destroy a car with it! The second part of your unforgettable experience will be a race between you and your friends through another special obstacle track which will get your adrenaline going even more.

Location : suburbs of Vilnius, ~20 min drive from Old Town

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